Monday, August 26, 2013

Startups Seeking Adroid Devlopers

This will be a small rant. If you are a startup wtih a market fit of statistically ZERO 2 years after first seed capital funding round be bright enough to not effing lie and put on false android devloper seeking prodcesses to get free UX consulting.

Everyone the effing hell sees that trick a mile away as the information about your dire startup situation gets to us before we full respond to you in the first place and we walk  you around a wild goose chase of false UX help when that happens. And please understand that set of tricks indicates that you as a startup founder have ZERO professional skills as a founder., the street phrase is that YOU HAVE NO GAME..I have no respect fo your dumb Mfers...PERIOD. Want respect from a mobile developer stop being a dumb MFer.

And Chicago startups do not let Groupon's lack of ethics mislead you, ends never justify the means.