Friday, August 16, 2013


With the trend of Smartphone sales surpassing feature phones and 3 out of every 4 phones being sold being android its time for Android UX to rise above and be first rather than second and a clone of an IOS application. There is no excuse for someone claiming that if one concentrates in Android UX that someone does not know design.

Google could lead this with the right set of developer advocates. Google should led this s we do not want iOS application clones but a full android application experience.

That ability to develop a good android UX for an application extends to two areas, not just design but also android java coding.  Thus, I am wondering what an Android UX Google encouraged class may look like.

Sometime in September the best practices in android UX will be pushed out via my Google Drive account. DroidUX will have both the apk at my Google Drive account and some source code and its using ActionBarCompat rather than ActiionBarSherlock.