Monday, June 17, 2013

Offtopic:We The People

Many of Americans like myself at some point in their lives took an oath to protect the constitution as part of their military enlistment. We took it and still take it seriously.

Than we have the Obama and US congress jackasses committing perjury in pursuit of making the NSA scandal go away. The same excuses used to set up policies to pretend the spirit of the law to achieve some objective to nullify fear rather than preserve the constitution during the financial crises are once agin used to hide both the President's and US Congress failure to protect the US Constitution.

We cannot let this tragedy stand and we cannot let our Democracy of Freedom in the International arena be sullied by a bunch of perjury-infused cowards who have no back-bone to choose justice over approving illegalities.  Mr President Obama and US Congress you make want to wretch. This is not over Mr President, and you better hope that history is kind to you as I think history will not be so kind as in the past when someone trampled the constitution it came back to bite them on the ass.

Mr P{resident, we are somewhat of tired of being lied to as like we are children lacking in the complexities of language. And most of us with technical training can spot the lies about what is technologically possible and when it does not match policy. If this set of trends continues Mr president you will serve to destroy the only bright spot of the US economy the Internet Industry and it will never recover from the betrayal of privacy and trust.

Mr President, you offer of a false choice of giving up the US Constitution to save less than 0.1% of the US population when in actuality by defending the US Constitution you are able to save 99.99 percent of the US population. It works this way because despite Bush stating that extremists abhorring freedom and not believing that statement, that exposure to freedom and public discourse blunts the weapons of extremists everywhere..namely terrorism that they use.

Mr President, many of us would like to be the position to have to make a choice between protecting the US Constitution and and protecting the perjury-infused cowards as its what makes us product Americans when we make the choice to protect the US Constitution.  Please rethink your choices.