Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mobile Tablet Future

I may or may not be making a startup pitch based on the subjects of this post in 14 days or less.  That somewhat means that there are some biases in that I think of no laptop world that may be the future for most computer users.

Bill Gates is frustrated, or is that post MS windows constipation in that most computer users hate MS Windows and have no desire to use it on their consumer device.  We see both huge strides in Apple iPad sales and Android tablet sales.

Here is a sobering thought what if tablets becomes the main mobile device and
smartphones becomes extinct?  I now hard to believe as we have about 2 billion smartphones world wide in use at this time.

If you observe mobile application trends you will notice that currently we have as many innovative apps in smartphones as well as tablets that are in high demand by users. Flipboard, etc.

With tablets we have more screen space, more storage space, better harnessing of     multi-cpus towards app processing power, etc. Users respond to owning a table by spending more time using it, effectively ti becomes the new TV tube. And because they want to use it more they have a deisre to do those things normally only done on laptops.

In less than 3 years storage space and device memory not to mention raw cpu power has doubled in the tablet device category. Same trend in smartphones took about 3 to 4 years depending upon which mobile OS you take your measurements from.

That is an opportunity to put more powerful apps in tablet consumers hands. I think we are seeing the very first part of that upward sloping curve.