Monday, May 6, 2013

Mavenized Libs

I found a way to handle mavenized libs if you do not use Maven.  Works for those android project libs that you know you will never modify through extending in another android project lib.

In a new project you do a git sub-module to a mavenized lib like actionbarsherlock.  You than modify your ant build to run from the newly created parent project root referring to paths in the mavenized lib that is not a sub-directory via your git sub-module creation.

The trick in the paths modification would be to use basedir ant var as a placeholder as you cannot have nulls as anew var such as mybasedir and use antcontrib or antxtras ant lib to use a var that can be modified with var mavenized.lib.dir set if mavenized. Your init than would
check and see if that value is set and modify the path vars accordingly.

Yes, its very disgusting hack..tough shit. That is what hacks are for.