Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DocLava Fork

I found out recently why my issues and small fixes for DocLava might be not looked at or ignored. This is no reflection on the DocLava project or its code committers, it is what it is.

At about DocLava 1.0.2 or 1.0.3 the two versions or branches diverged. Let me explain, Android AOSP uses their own modified version of DocLava in which they made changes to that git source and than other different changes were made to the version/branch at and thus the two branches do not match at all and you  cannot simply take changes from one branch and add to the other.

This also means that if you want the WORKING COPY OF DOCLAVA with the
EMBED WEBSITE feature working you want the AOSP copy. And this brings up another nice discovery.

The thoughtful engineers at Google have started experimenting with a new web UI for viewing android source code. Its at:


To see the doclava AOSP copy use this link:

doclava.git-AOSP copy

Thus, I will just fork the AOSP DocLava copy and keep track of the AOSP DocLava version. Basically, my changes refocus it on embedding javadocs in project websites with some generic supported project subbfolders, making separate clear silver macro pages to handle specific things to make it easier.

For lack of a better name its either going to be named GWSDroidLava or DroidLava since most of my use of it will be completing android project libraries.

Side Note: Yes I know my G+  profile description is too long and needs updated with the my static site.  It will be updated soon.