Friday, November 9, 2012

Android Google and Gradle

Well, my hopes have been granted. Google did commit enough extra resources to polish up the Gradle Android plugin along with the code committers of that project and thus the brand new build system in ADT 21 is Gradle.

The brief note guide is here.

Congrats to both the Gradle team and the Gradle Android Plugin team and Google for making this happen.

What I like about it is they solved as I read it most if not all  of the issues that they started with to solve. We can now do multi-flavor builds with apps, etc. We now have either Maven or Ivy dependency management by default.
And we also have full support of the BuildConfig class ot modify it to fit our needs.

And of course now the Gradle Android plugin  supports Android Librayr Projects.

To get access now you have to get the ADT 21 Preview, but hopefully soon it be released in possibly November? well we hope so.