Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Than One Online Store-UIKits

So I have been wondering why someone has not made the effort to push UIKits to more than one online store. Of course, each online store wants exclusivity to the UIKits but one can change enough things through automation to make that happen and yet still have unique UIKits authored for each online store.

Sure one has to adjust to the level of design competition for each online store, but once yo do it successfully with one store it should be easy for the rest of them. The real effort seems to be in the template-tooling.

BY template-tooling, I mean not just converting the UIKit design to use a template engine but integrated with that template engine so one can change design elements fast as I want the layout to be unique but than the design elements variable.

By my estimation, if i put in the extra hours to template things than I double my gross sales income. That seems somewhat worth it.