Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fluid IV

So, I am in the process of the final re-write of the RxJava is Not AppResponsiveness article about  GWSluidx that will appear in Medium.com. Some interesting points:

1. How many are actually using the split up the RecyclerView Adapting and Bind operations and off-loading the Adapting ot the non_UI Thread? I very sure that with their past rewriting of ListView that Facebook is probably using the technique. Contrast that with start-ups like Airbn, which is not. Because we have to change things at the App Architecture level to implement that might be why more start-ups are not using it at the moment.

2. Naming confusion. I am still calling it an adapter, but I should change that as its no-longer the RecyclerView standard adapter with adapting and binding all in one operation. No idea what to change to will have to look at a thesaurus to find a better word choice.

3. Optimizations such as stableIDs and partial View-Model is not implemented in GWSFluidx yet. One could implement that via ViewTypes but I really do not want to tie View-Model to view as that messes up off-loading the creation of View-Model on the non-UI thread.

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