Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GitHub re-org

So what I have been organizing to get set-up is that I want to control the conversation in qualifiing a freelance/job lead. If you ever read startup developer ads they usually ask for a github or bitbucket user name.

Well, that is the idiot way to do things..what we should be doing when we see that is to point to some github or bitbucket repo where there is a list of git repos  and why the viewer should look at them.  The reason is of marketing as you are not in control of what libraries and projects become popular on github or bitbucket and that is what gets listed in your profile page.

So you want to create different git repo profile page with the git repos and projects your prospective employer or client should look at, hence my re-org of the some of my git repos and how they are presented.

Within the git readme's themselves I do an implementation block early-on that describes the the implementation with the marketing intent that I have to market to the start-up co-founder looking for an android developer.

Than I carry over the same marketing intent to the my made-up git repo profile page in that I am listing my stackoverflow top 17% user stats, open source android projects that I contribute towards, and point out how the git repos fit together in bringing an android application to life as a fully polished mobile application.

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