Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recruiters-Sales Process Broken

Something to laugh at. Typical company puts up an ad for a job opportunity. Weeks and months go by and they have not gotten the quality job candidate leads they had hoped for.

So what do they do? Now you have to understand at that point in the process, all indications are that a combination of marketing and communication strategies and implementations may be at fault.  But do they than ask why the failing at marketing and communicating in a job candidate acquisition process?

No, instead they flip through the phone book or google and get a recruiter. And guess what? The recruiter is only short-term centered on one thing, maximum numbers of job applicants at any cost.

Which means that any recruiter communication is already started a non-lead negative hole. Enough is enough mother fuckers.  NO more shoving your broken salesprocess down my fucking throat!

If you want an android developer, than be bright enough not to send a recruiter and fix your fucking broken sales process.