Friday, January 17, 2014

Eclipse Android Gradle Fun

From what I understand about the android gradle layout, etc is that I will be able to write build.gradle files using the old Eclipse project layouts(including a separate test project) and have ti work inside Eclipse. I should than get the side benefit of being able to use AAR styled libraries, etc.

Thus will put the ANT scripts and gradle scripts all in the same projects so will have a nicer comparison of the benefits gained through using Gradle.  The only thing is until Eclipse ADT does the new gradle style project layouts we still have to contend with IDEA differences concerning the test and tested project side by side.

I think the gentle fix would be for me to adopt an eclipse Android project layout where I have a general project as the parent project folder and than include both the app project and the test project in that general project as sub-projects. Of course I will have to remember to set git up at the parent general project level to for both the app and test projects.