Saturday, April 27, 2013


In A Use Case I had referred to the situation whereas a mobile android developer realizes that the stock options of a startup might not be worth it. Lets expand it.

Our assumptions are that the developer was bright enough to sin on only with a startup with series funding and the startup allowed the developer to do a remote/telecommute so as the developer could given the difference in living costs bank the money.

Even if by some magic you get between 1% and 3%, that is still about $2 million for the stock options.And remember that is money you cannot count on to be there.

But, we have this large expansion in people's interest in coding an application. The $5000 to $10000 that trainers get per student probably is only sustainable at low levels but not at a large  scale due to travel to training location, etc.

But, certainly at the lower $39 to $59 per online course you could scale into hundreds of thousands. what I am suggesting here is the developer did a revenue mix of services that scale,selling of both consumer and non consumer apps and tools it would be a dependable revenue stream as long as the developer keeps in mind that its not a high enterprise Oracle rate but a low rate that due to being able to scale to a large number.