Friday, March 15, 2013


So we know that Key Lime Pie, Android 5.0, will be announced at GoogleIO2013.  But other underlying important stuff also might be announced.

New release of support library, how much of android 5.0 will be back ported to prior OS version via this library?

Will ADT, next release, integrate the new Gradle Build system? The last update in Jan as far as previews not everything was in place for the Gradle Build according to this doc. Thus far as preview 3 they started testing the instrumented test integration using gradle. That still leaves emma, NDK, and integration with the ADT plugin. But hey they finally fixed the default compile target to now be 1.6.

Motorola before it disbanded its eclipse plugin dev staff donated its plugins for android to the project. Will we see a new build of this included in the new release of ADT?

If we reach 1 billion devices activated during GoogleIO will Google suprise us with some new goodie at IO? Maybe Motorola X or HTC One?